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  1. hi, fergus.
    luckysitsinback (flickr name) seeking sympathy.
    my country is … hiccuping ?
    really covering my head with blankets until april.
    (except for really good coffee from Kenya)
    i hope you’re doing really well. nutty times, eh ?

    1. It’s not just your country. It’s a bizarre time for pretty much everyone. My most optimistic take is that this is likely to be a transition period, caused by the necessary and frankly inevitable collapse of many of the old systems. Unfortunately, living through the collapse of life-supporting systems is no fun at all. But it may well turn out to be okay in a few years’ time!

  2. Thank you for your writing on Monotropism, really hit the mark with myself and I can see there many more articles to go over. My neurons are going to be in xmas season for some time to come.

    Thank you

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