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A self-portrait of the author: a smiling white person with long, blonde hair and a fluffy jumper.
Fergus (they/them)

I am a writer, autistic community organiser and science teacher, based in Edinburgh.

I co-founded Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh, and am currently its Chair; I also started Weird Pride Day (which is the 4th of March) and Monotropism.org.

Since 2014, I have been teaching in Scottish schools. I have a BSc in Physics & Philosophy, and an MSc in Computer Games Engineering, and a PGCE in science teaching; I have taught Chemistry, Physics and Maths as exam subjects, and coding, electronics and other science for general education and enjoyment.

I am available as an online tutor for learners aged 11 and up; I am familiar with the Scottish and English/Welsh exam systems, and happy to teach Chemistry up to Higher/AS Level and Physics up to Advanced Higher/A Level. Please email fergustutor@gmail.com with enquiries.

As well as tutoring, I am available for workshops and speaking engagements. Please email fergusmurray@gmail.com

I believe that self-direction, play and absorption should be central to education wherever possible, and that education can never be truly inclusive otherwise. I have presented about my thoughts on education and neurodiversity in various places. You can watch recordings or read the text here:

I have written widely on autism, neurodiversity, education, science and politics, including for The Psychologist, Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, NeuroClastic, MCA Research Journal, openDemocracy and Bylines Scotland. I am a co-author on these peer-reviewed papers:

Another paper, on the Monotropism Questionnaire (MQ), is currently going through peer review.

Aside from all that, when I get the chance, I also make generative art, giant puppets, little creatures out of polymer clay, audio and video recordings, photographs, and very nice cups of tea (hence the URL).

Generative art (featuring luminous swirly things)
Giant puppets (featuring the Ghost of Margaret Thatcher)
Polymer clay (featuring a small, brightly coloured dog)
Recordings (featuring a photo of my ear)