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I started listening to podcasts regularly some time early this year, when I finally got round to installing software for it on my phone (Podkicker). I’d previously been a regular BBC Radio 4 listener at various times in my life, and started pulling together the Everything2 podcast a few years ago, but it was only with dedicated software that I got into the habit of listening to spoken-word recordings on public transport, as well as while doing the washing up or going to sleep.

After a little while of this, I realised that I was listening to a huge amount of very interesting stuff, but without keeping any record I couldn’t be sure how much of it I was really taking in. That’s when I started the OolongListens twitter account – to keep a record of my own listening, to help cement what I learn by keeping notes, and to share what I listen to with anyone interested. Perhaps you will enjoy it. Most of what I listen to is factual programming, often with a scientific or otherwise educational bent, and most of it turns out to be from the BBC, but there’s quite a lot from other broadcasters and private podcasters too.

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