Travel in Iberia

I spent much of this summer travelling overland around the Iberian Peninsula – the parts of the world commonly known as Spain and Portugal. I was teaching and looking after kids at a summer camp in the Basque Country for two weeks, and then I had about a week and a half travelling in a south-westerly direction before turning north to attend the ‘Bridges‘ conference on maths and art, in Coimbra, Portugal, where I was showing my interactive exhibit known as ‘Kenneth‘ and a large canvas print of one of my generative artworks. Finally I headed further north, to Galicia, and spent about two weeks there before looping around to the East and spending a couple of days in Bilbao before going on into France on the way back to Britain.

All of these places warrant proper writing about, but here are the major stops of my journey, in inevitably-misleading bullet-point, key-word form, in any case – if nothing else, this will act as memory aid for me:

  • London:
    Family time
  • Paris:
    Long night
  • Irun:
    Fiesta; oops
  • Gorozika:
    Summercamp, burnout
  • Las Rozas:
    Forest, pool
  • Madrid:
    Heat, galleries
  • Cordoba:
    HEAT, mosque
  • Cadiz:
    Breeze, banyans
  • Sevilla:
    Wall, Macarena
  • Lisboa:
    Tiles, trams
  • Coimbra:
    Conference, hills
  • Carballo:
    Stream, emptiness
  • Santiago:
    Pilgrims, curlicues
  • Oviedo:
    Mists, wandering
  • Bilbao:
    Fiesta, gays

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