Iron Noder

This November I posted 30 finished pieces of writing on Everything2, on whatever I felt like writing about at the time. By doing so I completed the Iron Noder Challenge, which has been running every November since 2008. This was the first time I took part in earnest – making the effort to write and re-write for an hour or two almost every day, in order to average at least one post a day that I could be happy with.

Politics, philosophy and economics

  1. Employment
    Its advantages, evolution and possible alternatives
  2. Privilege
    On the importance of noticing our unearned advantages
  3. Class
    Social class vs. economic class
  4. Exoticization
    One way to deal with people being different
  5. Firebox
    Left-leaning cafe in King’s Cross
  6. Friern Barnet People’s Library
    Squatted & occupied – a community hub, political nexus and fully functioning library
  7. Separation of church and state
    On religion and politics in Britain and the US
  8. Problem of Evil
    Why the Christian God can’t be saved
  9. Evil
    Why the idea of evil is a problem


  1. Order of magnitude
    The importance of powers of ten
  2. Gravitational potential
    Potential energy per kilogram
  3. Magpie
    Some of the smartest birds


  1. Turmeric
    Yellow spice with interesting pharmacological properties
  2. Fritter
    One of the world’s great food types
  3. Protato
    A potato with slightly more protein than normal


  1. Bad Machinery
    Web comic
  2. Ice Haven
    Paper comic
  3. Pre-Apocalyptic Love Song
  4. AeroPress
    Coffee gadget
  5. The Forum
    BBC radio show
  6. Fimo Air Light
    Air-drying clay
  7. Woodburner
    Music night in east London
  8. Delusions of Gender
    A book about terrible science backing up dodgy politics


  1. Edinburgh diary
    A round-up of some of the things I did when I was there a few weeks ago
  2. Haar
    The characteristic sudden sea fog of north-east Britain
  3. National Monument
    Like the Parthenon, only less so
  4. Arthur’s Seat
    The elephant of a mountain that we can see from all over Edinburgh


  1. Open mic night
    The joy of amateur performers
  2. Faff
    One of the best words
  3. Root Log: November 2012
    In which I officially step down as Lead Developer of Everything2.

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