Current and Recent Web Projects

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately in terms of web development and related disciplines, outside of my own web site:

  • Strike! Magazine

    This new magazine just needed a fairly basic web site.

  • International Times

    I created, co-designed and maintain this web site, which runs on WordPress.

  • Everything2

    For several years I was the Lead Developer of this long-established writing site, working to make it more usable, better and more stable, both through my own coding and managing the work of others. In 2010 I was employed by Michigan State University to help implement some tests they will be running on the site (which they were hosting at that time). I also lead the site’s science writing group.

  • Edinburgh Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières

    I looked after the technical side of the web site for this University of Edinburgh MSF-affiliate branch – that is, transforming an existing design into a fully functional WordPress site.

  • Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip

    I built, maintain and have been working to promote the web site for my brother Leo Murray’s excellent 11-minute animated film about the importance of positive feedback loops, and the tipping points they lead to in climate change. I am also helping to coordinate the translation of the film – there are 18 foreign-language versions at the time of writing, with more currently being worked on.

  • Virtual Campfire

    Another project started by Leo, this is a treasure trove of folk song recordings. I recently took over the running of this, making the interface far more usable and better-looking, as well as contributing some new recordings. There’s still plenty to do if I get the time.

  • Disney Parks

    I was contracted by Spring Digital to fix up this Disney web site, correcting faulty HTML and CSS before it went public.

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