About Fergus and the Web

Fergus Murray is a creator and improver of web sites, among other things.

The web is about three things, above all*:

  1. Communication.

    You want to get things across to people.

  2. Aesthetics.

    You want to make things that people want to look at.

  3. Interaction.

    You want people to contact you if they have something worth hearing. You may also want them to help you build your online presence, one way or another.

These goals are not unrelated, and getting one wrong will very often undermine the others – and all will be undermined by a failure to understand accessibility, web standards and search engine optimisation.

As a web developer, editor and designer, my job is to help your web site to do what you need it to do – to use technology to reach human beings. Get in touch to discuss working together, or have a look through my recent web projects.

*it’s possible this is also true of human existence in general, now that I think about it

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