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  1. Dear Oolong

    Read your piece about the Government’s New Deal and wholeheartedly agree. I’m presently on the second stage, or IAP, and having travelled five days a week from Pimlico to Hammersmith to sit in front of a computer at a place called Burleigh College. I cannot use a memory stick, floppy disk, photocopier or telephone. I’ve been there since 2 March and don’t stop until 29 May. The staff have been rude, arrogant and dismissive of the students, although all of them have completed the course or left. Of the 16 that were on the register, seven have walked off, failed to appear or been sanctioned. Eight have completed the course, but not one has had a job. Oh, I lie! One did, but didn’t like the job, signed back on and had to come back to finish his 13 weeks. Despite protestations to my MP, Work Directions and BC, I still don’t have a satisfactory answer to why I have to come here. Work Directions has actually stopped sending people here and I appear to be the last person to have joined, as my fellow inductee failed to come back after the first day. I wonder if you know any legal stricture that can get me out of here, as I’m essentially been held hostage by a piss-poor Paul O’Grady impersonator and a woman with a face who could curdle milk at 100 paces!

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