Carbon (e2 version)    
        Polarised Light (e2 version)    
        Hidden Variables Theories of Quantum Physics (2686 words)        
        Quantum Non-Locality - history (2210 words)    
        Quantum Entanglement - implications (1420 words)    

    Quantum Entanglement and Causality (6266 words)
      (BSc. dissertation - includes large parts of the two pieces above)


    Skywatcher's Guide

        Photosensitive Seizures    
        Reasons for Not Doing Drugs    


        The Curlicue Fractal (see also Dragoric)    


        3D Scanning    
        Java 3D    

    Mixing Live Action and Computer Graphics


    Augmented Reality


    H-Anim (Humanoid animation protocol - see hanim.org)

        The USB Programming Model    

Law & Politics

        Camp X-Ray    
        Fighting Terrorism with Terrorism    
        Know your Enemy    
        New Deal    
        Criminal Justice Act    
        Liberal Democrats on Drugs    
        The Dutch Experience    

    UK Drug Classification


    Runciman Report


    Cluster Bombs

        Hair-related Legislation through the Ages    

    (see also Events page)

        May Day 2002, Central London    
        Peace March, 15th of February 2003, London    

    May Day 2000, Central London
    May 6th 2000, Cannabis Festival/Demo



        Fences and Windows    
        People, Places, Things & Ideas    
        The Book of Tea    
        The Road Goes Ever On    


        Planet Waves (a Bob Dylan album)    
        Hard Rain (a live Bob Dylan album)    
        Belle and Sebastian (a Scottish band) (e2 version)    
        Tigermilk (their first album) (e2 version)    
        Fold your Hands Child, you Walk like a Peasant (their fourth)    
        Dear Catastrophe Waitress (their fifth, or arguably their sixth)    
        Jeepster Records (their former label)    


        Stuart David (a former member)    
        Tom Baker (a former Doctor Who)    
        Tripitaka (also known as Hsuan Tsang)    
        Kakuzo Okakura (author of The Book of Tea)    
        Medical Marijuana Barbie (aka Dr. Tracy Blevins)    
        Michael Howard (current leader of the Tory Party)    


        Vegan Ingredients (e2 version)    
        Avocado Houmous    
        Hot Chocolate    
        Ugly Soup    
        Onion Bhaji    
        Baked Bean Curry    
        Seed Snacks    

    Human Taste Perception (e2 version)




Poems and so on


    Jesus was a Gay Black Hippie Jew
    Scottish Widows Poems
Interstellar Medium haikus
    A Sun's Eye View
    Since The End of The Eighteenth Century
    Oolong Tea (including The Oolong Tea Song)
    Terrible Coffee Song
    Pub Woman
Ballad of May Day 2000




    Sweat Lodge

        Hungarian Puli    

    The Time with the Worms

        When Tofu Goes Bad    
        Appearing on Countdown    
        The Beanstalk (tree, with photos)    
        28 Days Later (film review)    
        Blue Planet (BBC Wildlife series)    
        Family Business (classic card game)    

    My CV


Quite a few of these are on Everything2, which is a huge interactive database of facts, ideas and stories where I am known as Oolong, just because almost everyone there uses pseudonyms.

I encourage you to poke around the rest of the site a bit; there's a lot of great stuff there, although owing to the nature of the project there is also a certain amount of dross. A list of stuff I especially like is here, while a list of everything I've written there is here. I encourage you to start here, since the site's official introductions to itself can be a little confusing. Please send me a message if you make an account!

I lead the science user group on the site, and I am also one of its editors.





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