A set of haikus:
Interstellar Medium
The Stuff Between Stars

outside of our world,
all around our galaxy
in between the stars

vast clouds of gas swirl
pushed and lit up by the stars
steered by magnetism

in places itís cool
quiet diffuse hydrogen
with sparse specks of dust

some places itís warm
and ionised by starlight
flourescent but thin

the coldest places
are the molecular clouds
giant nebulae

in their frozen cores
compacting and compacting
new stars find their birth

nuclear fusion
sets old dust burning anew
the cycle repeats

hot, hotter it gets
turns old dust into new light

round old stars and new
hot hydrogen, ionised
beautiful halos

blown by stellar winds
the clouds form new cavities
gases pushed away

hot star-driven waves
form loops, arcs and shells of stars
daughters of giants

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