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It’s about control

Filed under: Arduino,Processing — frm @ 6:58 pm

Interactive animations need intuitive controls to make them easy to play with. Since they always have a bunch of parameters to control, dragging with the mouse always seems a bit clumsy.

Slider arrayI figured that what’s really wanted is a bank of sliders and buttons to play with, each controlling a parameter. That way people can walk up to the controls as if they were approaching the bridge of a starship, and just twiddle them however they feel.
The Box by Daylight

Now, with the help of the Dorkbot Alba team, I finally have the controls I’ve long dreamed of, in the shape of a box with six sliders, five buttons and two glowing switches. It is a thing of beauty.

PLAYThe obvious next step once you have a good interface for a set of generative animations is to start putting them in public places for people to experiment with, I think. (more…)