Interactive Java Applets

(and OpenGL executables)

Geometrical Animation Generators

Please see Oolong's Playground for more up-to-date work

Wave Machine

Animated Virtual Harmonograph


Net of Indra
Cellular Automata system
Like Swimming-Pool Caustics
Interacting Spirals
Circles in Circles in Circles
Dragoric Dragoric and Dragoria
Animated Fractal Toys
Curlicue Fractal in 3D
(Win32 executable)

Adventures in Toroidal Geometry

Chequered Madness


Tao of Soccer
Java3D display simulated robot football games
(MSc project with BBC)


WARNING! Quadrina can cause high levels of visual stress.
This could result in epilectic seizures as well as migraines and other headaches.
Please do not view this if you have a history of epilepsy.
Discontinue use immediately if your eyes or brain start to ache or otherwise fail.
Approximately one person in 6000 has photosensitive epilepsy; many do not know it.
The rate is about five times as high in the 7-20 age group.
See here for more information on photosensitive seizures.

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