3D (GIFs)


Trochoid curves (GIFs)
Trochoid Generator (Java)

Flat Canvases (GIFs)

Warped Membranes (GIFs)

Toroid Family (GIFs)

Toroidia (Java)

Fresneloid 'Dragons' (Java)
See also The Curlicue Fractal

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These are just a tiny portion of my total animation output.
Due to bandwidth limitations and so on, most of my creations are not available for download.
If you are interested in seeing more please email me for details of my CD-ROM, which features several hundred animations as well as a large number of additional mathematical stills and photographs.

I am usually happy for my creations to be used on other sites, but please ask first.

I am available to create custom animations on a freelance basis at competitive rates.

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