Resonata To-Do List:

  • Programming:
    • Presets to demonstrate particular points, with links in the text
    • Other wave forms - impulse, square wave, triangle wave, white noise
    • Text boxes for input
    • Produce waves with mouse interaction, rather than (or as an alternative to) the current pulling/twanging motion
    • Show driving force graphically
    • Graphs of the history of particular points
    • Damping
    • Options for colour use - could show displacement, velocity, etc.
    • Open controls and main display in separate windows
    • Multiple drivers
    • Make sounds - these could be from the fundamental frequency of the chain; the frequency of the driver; the waveform at a point in time; and/or the waveform traced by a point in the chain over time
    • Flash version
    • 3D version (which is a whole separate project, really)
  • Writing:
    • More on the mathematics - discuss damping, include some equations, etc.
    • Examples of resonance and standing waves in:
      • Physics - acoustics, QM, EM, etc.
      • Engineering - applications and dangers
      • Music - harmony, instrument design, audio software
      • Linguistics - articulatory phonetics
    • Different types of resonance
  • Integration:
    • Illustrate points with presets
    • Give users some choice about what to read, eg. less on maths, more on physics, more on music, etc. - this should make it easier to use for a range of ages and levels of knowledge.
      • Current plan with this is to have a 'show/hide equations' button, and collapsible headings.
    • Add Help functions to the program, so that people can read about what the settings do as and when they want to, rather than just having a big list.33333ss


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