Probably a Somalian tabby, Meep spent the first few weeks of his life living in a hedge by a building site and to this day he is scared by feet, loud noises and things moving over his head. As a result he is almost always alarmed, except while sleeping, and prone to fleeing suddenly from laps or food when his surroundings are not perfectly still..


meep hunting.
what is he hunting?
nobody knows.


Frodo was a stunningly beautiful mongrol tabby. Although staggeringly vain and often aloof, Frodo could be extremely sweet and affectionate when it suited him.

Frodo died of a brain tumour in 2001.






Bilbo is the family dog, a Hungarian Puli. Being a puli, his face and most of his body are covered by dreadlocks. However, his back is instead covered by thick black curls.

Pulis have a reputation for being extraordinarily intelligent dogs; however, having lived with him for some years now I have reluctantly reached the conclusion that he is, alas, an idiot.


All pictures copyright Fergus Murray.

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