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Book Monster
a present for heyoka
~4" high

My Dog's Got No Eyes

My Dog's Got No Eyes
2.3" long x 2.5" high
alternative views: back,
front by Haje

Big Irate Beaver, Threatening Posture

Big Irate Beaver
2.1" long x 2"
(5.4 x 5cm)
alternative view here

I'm Being Stalked 

Stalking Lizard
3.5" long x 1.5" high
(8.5 x 4 cm)
alternative view here

Dancing Pig
2" high (4.5cm)
alternative view here

Blue Fish
A commission.
alternate views here and here

Kitty Want Food

Kitty want food
A commission.

Green Cat

Green Cat
A present
He wants you to think he knows what you're thinking, I think.
alternative view here

The Monk

The Monk
A present
I'm actually not at all sure what kind of a monk this is.

Food Yes?

Food Now Please?
Sort of a reworking of Kitty Wants Food, made on commission.
alternative view here 


A commission.
(head detail view)

Kitty sleepy.
A commission
(group shot of the 3 tuxedo kitties)

Coming to Get You 

Lizard Two
A commission.
alternative view here

A present for my mother-in-law.

Lit Critter
for the E2 Literary Criticism group

Dragon Ring

Dragon Ring
for sale at Flux for 12

Molotov the Dragon
Not for sale
(went missing!)
several alternate views here

Corn Dragon
Not for sale
(a present)

Blue Demon
Probably not for sale

Recent Work

Fimo and Sculpey III are coloured modelling clays which can be baked hard in a household oven. There isn't really much to choose between them; some of these are Fimo, some are Sculpey, and I couldn't tell you which is which.

Please email me if you're interested in buying any of these. They're all one-off creations, but I don't mind making creatures on similar lines to  ones which have already gone, or taking commissions for new things.

Payment by PayPal to pay@oolong.co.uk is easiest, but I'll also take cheques or postal orders. If you're in the UK, add 1 for postage and packing; for overseas orders, please email me for rates.

A Blue Cat
Not for sale.
The end result of my tutorial on how I make cats
3" high (7cm)

Storytelling Frog
For sale!
7.50 + P+P
2.5" high
alternative view

Little Green Guy

Space Dog
2.2" long x 1.6" high
(5.5 x 4.1 cm)

Tiny Dancer
3" high (7cm)

Bat Magnet
2" high (4.5cm)
alternative view here


Knitting Demon
Not for sale - a present.

Incredulous Dog
for 10.
2.2" long x  2.3" high (5.5cm x 5.8cm)
alternative view here

Suspicious Tapir
3.3" long x 2" tall
(8.4 x 5.1 cm)

Space Cat
Not for sale
(a present for Ed)
alternative view here

Happy Pig
Not for sale
(got squashed!)

Big Snail,
Small Dog

Snail: Not for sale
Dog: 5.00 + P+P

Tiny Orange Glitter-Kitten
1.1" long x 1.3" high
(3 x 3.5cm)

Glitter Cat Pendant

Yellow Glitter-Cat Pendant
Not for sale
(present for wife)

 Little Red Guy

Little Red Dog
2" long x 1.8" high

Small Irate Beaver 1

Small Disgruntled Beaver
Not for sale
(present for Andrew Ducker)

Sleeping Dragon 1

Sleeping Dragon
Not for sale
(present for my wife)
alternative view (b&w)

Stompy Dinosaur
Not for sale
alternative view

Surly Cat
Not for sale

Green Lion
Not for sale (a commission)

Meditating Owl
Possibly for sale
(make me an offer?)

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 Some of these photos were taken by Haje Jan Kamps - specifically, the Tiger Cat, the Incredulous Dog, the Suspicious Tapir, the Space Cat,  and an alternative view of the Dog With No Eyes.

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