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I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date, partly because I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading it, but I’ve now decided to maintain it for my own benefit, regardless. All being well, I may even make daily updates on my progress.

RD SOFM example outputWhat I’ve invested the most time and effort into these last few months has been using a reaction-diffusion system to implement self-organising feature maps (Kohonen maps). This is working fairly well, and it’s a novel enough approach that I hope to be able to get a publishable paper out of it. I will post here about this soon, to summarise where I’m at so far and discuss progress as I go along.

Another project I’ve worked on is implementing ‘clustering’ with diffusion, on which topic I had a poster presentation accepted for a conference on Dynamics of Learning Behavior and Neuromodulation at the European Conference on Artificial Life 2007, although for complicated reasons, in the end I was not able to attend the conference myself.

As for this blog, I’ve just implemented a plugin to allow me to use LaTeX, in order to easily include equations. It’s called mimeTeX, and several different versions are available; I ended up with mimeTeX 1.1.2, which seems to work nicely except that you need to edit a line of the code to make it work – there’s a note about it on the page, which is fine except that when I copied and pasted the line in question it didn’t work, thanks to ’smart quotes’ – I needed to replace them with apostrophes by hand.

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